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Welcome to Epic Gas – Emergency Plumbers in Stoke-On-Trent

As Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating professionals, we’re dedicated to providing top-tier services that meet all your needs.

Welcome to Epic Gas, where experience, expertise, and excellence converge to ensure our hard-earned status as reliable emergency plumbers in Stoke-On-Trent. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we are dedicated to providing swift solutions to your plumbing emergencies, ensuring the safety and functionality of your residential or commercial property. Trust Epic Gas to be your reliable partner during critical plumbing situations, delivering unparalleled service and peace of mind when you need it most.


A Stoke-On-Trent Gas Engineer with a Local Focus

We take pride in our work and strive for customer satisfaction with every project. Our team is dedicated, professional, and friendly, and we treat your home with the utmost respect.

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. When you choose Epic Gas, you’re choosing quality, reliability, and a local business that genuinely cares about its community.

Our Story

Epic Gas has a rich legacy of serving the Stoke-On-Trent community. Founded over a decade ago by a team of passionate plumbers and heating engineers, our journey began with a shared commitment to delivering unparalleled service. Today, we continue that tradition, upholding the values of reliability, integrity, and customer satisfaction that have been our guiding principles since day one.

Lee Thursfield set up Epic Gas over 10 years ago, when he noticed a gap in the market for complete plumbing services across Stoke-On-Trent and the surrounding areas. His vision was to provide a one stop shop for all of your plumbing needs, including: domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing. In the here and now, we have expanded our skillset to cover most central heating and boiler systems, as certified specialists.

Epic Gas maintains a 100% satisfaction rate with all of our customers, and our attention to detail is second-to-none. Invest in a plumbing and heating specialist you can trust, today.

Why Choose Epic Gas as Your Emergency Plumber in Stoke?

  • Immediate Assistance: A 24-hour emergency plumber can respond to your plumbing issue promptly, providing immediate assistance regardless of the time of day or night. This ensures that critical plumbing problems are addressed quickly, minimizing potential damage to your property.

  • Preventing Further Damage: Quick intervention by an emergency plumber can help prevent further damage to your plumbing system and property. Timely repairs can stop leaks, burst pipes, or other plumbing emergencies from escalating into larger, more costly issues.

  • Expertise in Critical Situations: Emergency plumbers are experienced in handling urgent and complex plumbing problems efficiently. Their expertise allows them to assess the situation accurately and implement effective solutions, even under pressure.

  • Reduced Downtime: With the rapid response of a 24-hour emergency plumber, you can minimize downtime in your home or business. Swift repairs can restore your plumbing system to proper functioning, allowing you to resume your daily activities without prolonged disruptions.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have access to a 24-hour emergency plumber can provide peace of mind, especially during situations where plumbing issues could cause significant stress and inconvenience. Having a professional available at all times can alleviate worries and ensure that help is readily accessible when needed.

  • Comprehensive Services: Emergency plumbers often provide a wide range of services beyond just immediate repairs, including thorough inspections, preventative maintenance, and advice on how to avoid similar issues in the future. This comprehensive approach can help safeguard your plumbing system in the long term.

  • Safety Assurance: Plumbing emergencies can sometimes pose safety risks, such as water damage, electrical hazards, or gas leaks. A 24-hour emergency plumber can address these safety concerns promptly, ensuring the well-being of your property and everyone within it.

Domestic and Commercial Gas Engineer in Stoke-On-Trent

Commercial and domestic boiler and gas services are among our specialties – we can install every boiler system on the market, with an additional 10 year guarantee so you can be assured Epic Gas will never leave you with a poorly installed or defective central heating system. We welcome all one-off and contract work.

24/7 Emergency Callouts


Epic Gas provides a 24/7 emergency callout service for those unexpected moments. When disaster strikes, we have you covered. We keep our family run values close to heart, and all customers can expect the best in considerate customer service. Give us a call, and we’ll be with you as soon as possible.

An Experienced Plumbing and Heating Company in the Heart of Stoke-On-Trent

Epic Gas are proud to be at the heart of our thriving local community. We will always strive to put the plumbing and heating needs of our Stoke-On-Trent community first, no matter how small the job may be – this is why we operate a 24/7 emergency callout service.

Stoke-On-Trent, often referred to as the “Potteries,” is a vibrant city located in Staffordshire, England. Renowned for its rich industrial heritage in pottery and ceramics, Stoke-On-Trent boasts a captivating blend of history and contemporary culture. The city is home to various world-class pottery museums, including the iconic Wedgwood Museum and the Emma Bridgewater Factory, offering visitors a glimpse into its illustrious past.

Beyond its pottery legacy, Stoke-On-Trent offers a diverse array of cultural attractions, including art galleries, theaters, and live music venues. The city’s scenic parks, such as the award-winning Trentham Gardens and the picturesque Hanley Park, provide tranquil retreats for residents and visitors alike. Additionally, the local dining scene showcases a fusion of culinary delights, ranging from traditional British fare to international cuisines, catering to diverse palates.

Stoke-On-Trent’s vibrant community spirit is evident in its bustling markets, lively festivals, and numerous sporting events, fostering a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere. With its strong ties to creativity, culture, and community, Stoke-On-Trent continues to be a captivating destination for those seeking a unique blend of heritage and contemporary experiences.

Our Plumbing and Heating Services

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Boiler Repairs in Stoke-On-Trent

When your heating system falters, you need a trusted partner who can restore warmth and comfort to your home quickly and efficiently. At Epic Gas, we are your local experts for boiler repairs in Stoke-On-Trent. With our skilled team of Gas Safe registered engineers and a commitment to excellence, we’re dedicated to keeping your home cozy year-round.

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Boiler Servicing in Stoke-On-Trent

Your boiler is the heart of your home’s heating system, and regular servicing is essential to ensure it operates efficiently and safely. We take pride in providing thorough and professional boiler servicing in Stoke-On-Trent. Our Gas Safe registered engineers have the expertise and dedication to keep your boiler in prime condition, giving you peace of mind throughout the year.

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Boiler Installation in Stoke-On-Trent

When it’s time to replace your old, inefficient boiler or install a new heating system, Epic Gas, are your local experts in boiler installation in Stoke-On-Trent. With a team of highly skilled Gas Safe registered engineers and a commitment to excellence, we’re here to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable.

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Emergency Plumber in Stoke-On-Trent

Plumbing emergencies can strike at any moment, disrupting your daily life and causing stress. When you’re faced with a burst pipe, a sewage backup, or a malfunctioning water heater, you need immediate assistance from a reliable emergency plumber. Epic Gas are your dependable 24/7 emergency plumbers in Stoke-On-Trent, ready to tackle any plumbing crisis, day or night.

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Gas Safety Certificates in Stoke-On-Trent

Your safety and the safety of your loved ones are paramount when it comes to gas appliances in your home. Whether you’re a landlord in Stoke-On-Trent or a homeowner, a Gas Safety Certificate is essential to ensure that your gas appliances are operating safely and efficiently. We provide comprehensive Gas Safety Certificates in Stoke-On-Trent, delivering peace of mind and compliance with legal requirements.

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Central Heating Installations in Stoke-On-Trent

In the heart of Stoke-On-Trent, where the weather can be unpredictable, a reliable central heating system is your best ally for maintaining warmth and comfort in your home. At Epic Gas, we specialise in central heating repairs in Stoke-On-Trent, providing you with efficient and effective heating solutions tailored to your specific needs. This is where our extensive experience comes in – whether you require a complete overhaul or need ongoing maintenance, we’re on hand.

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Bathroom Fitters in Stoke-On-Trent

Your bathroom is more than just a functional space; it’s your sanctuary, a place of relaxation, and a reflection of your personal style. Our highly skilled team are dedicated to transforming your vision into reality; to create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

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Smart Thermostat Installation in Stoke-On-Trent

Having intuitive control over your home’s heating and cooling system is essential. Smart thermostats are the cutting-edge solution that not only grants you precise control over your home’s temperature but also enhances energy efficiency. Epic Gas are your local experts for smart thermostat installation in Stoke-On-Trent. With our experience and dedication to technology, we’re here to make your home smarter, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient.

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Gas Appliance Services in Stoke-On-Trent

When it comes to gas appliances, safety and reliability are non-negotiable. With our team of Gas Safe registered engineers and years of experience, we’re here to ensure that your gas appliances are operating at their best, keeping your home safe and your appliances efficient.

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